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How to Become a Part of the Happy Tails Mission

  • Volunteer!!
  • Donate your time to the Happy Tails programs
  • Donate goods to the local animal shelter
  • Donate money to the various programs
  • Spread the word about Happy Tails to friends, co-workers and neighbors
  • Encourage everyone to have their animals spayed/neutered and vaccinated
  • Educate the public to the responsibilities of pet ownership whenever possible
  • Alert the proper authorities to animals who are being abused
  • Role model the commitment of a loving, responsible, pet owner
  • Mentor young children who need guidance in caring for their pets

Go Get It – Help Happy Tails Help Fetching Apparel

Fetching Apparel

Local news anchor, Rebecca Pepin and her husband have created the Fetching Apparel line which helps homeless pets find forever homes. By purchasing a tote bag, short sleeve tee shirt or long sleeve tee shirt, you are helping the cause. Fetching Apparel will donate 40% of their profits to animal rescue organizations and spay/neuter programs. Check out the wonderful products at Fetching Apparel.

Become a Volunteer

Happy Tails needs many hands to effectively take care of all the animals rescued as well as execute our fundraising efforts. If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, please contact Send Mail.

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